11 Signs of Health Problems Hidden On Your Face

How to figure out if there’s something wrong about your health? It’s often enough to look in the mirror. External changes can signal the beginning of a serious …


  1. Hi bright side I keep getting tightness in my right hand it's very tight i please help me it happens now an then

  2. Hm…i have yellow dots under my eyes, i always thought it was just some blackheads on my eye bag line

  3. Some of these things are legit because I’ve always had low anemia and my eyes would be dark around them with bags. I now take prenatal vitamins for better health.

  4. Yes, go to your doctor asap, so he can give you medication to treat your symptoms while he gets some bonus from Pharma, and give him time to look for your medication side effects so he can prescribe some more.


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