6 Signs You’re Dealing With a Toxic Person

How to know that you’re dealing with a toxic person? They do exist, and chances are we’ve met one or 2. Sometimes they might not realize they’re causing harm …


  1. ***Some more sign:
    1.They are attention seeker.they want all people are give importance to them only
    2.They act like they are everything n everybody look after for them
    3.They create drama
    4.They show without any reason
    5.They are rude but its ok for them to being rude to someone
    6.They always want center of attraction
    7.They always talk about only themselve,always give priority themselves
    8.Always self admire themselve
    9.Always want that people talk about them nice thing.They have no guts to facing the truth about themselve

  2. Easy, if they are a socialist or communist = toxic. If not, then they are reasonable to deal with. Next question.

  3. it's sad that my whole family have at least one of these traits. at least. im just trying to get better and get out. guilt tho.

  4. Yes it's true. Husband also play such roles very well, so please be careful and protect yourself.

  5. Ohhhh my friend's bf does all of these stuff he is toxic and you can tell without even seeing this video

  6. I have a toxic friend. I often dont want to be around him. When he starts starting his toxicness i walk away.


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