What If You Played Video Games for 1 Day Non-Stop

Hey guys! Are any of you gamers? I’m not, but there was a time when I could sit all night long, playing some new and awesome game. And it’s then I wondered …



  1. I play video games everytime.
    I start playing at 12 pm and stop at 7 am . I didn’t get coffee or something that…. yea. I just drink water, it gives me energy and also, when I stop playing I watch bright side everytime cause his voice is satisfying (weird I think) anyway. Yea, I do those

    Imma do this anyway

    My fingers: *presses everything on the keyboard *

    My thumb: cAn yOu sToP pReSsInG sPacEs?

    Me: * ignores*

    Me: * types more*

    My fingers: sToP

    Me: FINE!
    Me: *closes computer *

    Ok for serious don’t like it cause it’s not funny

    Me: bai


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