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Listening to Mozart may scale back epilepsy seizures

Listening to Mozart every day may scale back the variety of seizures an individual with epilepsy experiences, based on a brand new examine. The information may carry hope to the estimated 50 million folks worldwide residing with epilepsy.

Led by researchers on the Krembil Mind Institute at Toronto Western Hospital, the examine uncovered 13 individuals to 2 totally different audio clips over a six-month interval: some have been performed Mozart’s Sonata for Two Pianos in D main (for seven minutes every day, for 3 months), and the remainder a scrambled, arrhythmic model of the identical piece.

“Our outcomes confirmed every day listening to the primary motion of Mozart Okay.448 was related to decreasing seizure frequency in grownup people with epilepsy,” mentioned Dr Rafiee, who led the examine. “This implies that every day Mozart listening could also be thought-about as a supplemental therapeutic choice to cut back seizures in people with epilepsy.”

Picture: Anton Shuvalov
Fundamental picture: Vlad Tchompalov



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