Why Airplanes Are White

Here’s a quick test: think of an airliner! Is the jet you imagined painted white? No surprises there since most of them are. Of course, not ALL planes are white.


  1. The flight route from Perth to South Africa doesn’t fly near any airports for hours. So it would be hard to believe that no 2 engine airplanes are allowed to fly over the pacific or Indian oceans.

  2. um what about the A-10 Warthog and C-130 or AC-130 they are white or grey

    A-10 and AC-130 or C-130 is my favorite planes

    my first favorite plane is AC-130 and C-130

  3. hmm i don't want to ride if the plaine doesn't painted white 🛫☑️ wanna know why ? it's better be safe 🇨🇿


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