X2Emails Is A Liar. Is X2 Emails scam? X2Emails Facebook email extractor Reviews

What is X2Emails? What is X2Emails used for? Is X2 Emails scam? X2Emails Facebook email extractor. X2Emails Facebook finder.  Facebook Email Extractor Reviews. This email extractor is a lie!

First of all, X2Emails works. I will only write my experience and the approach of X2Emails. And of course I will describe the part that is misleading. I would like to add that my membership was suspended, which I paid 149 dollars because I wrote these, and I was banned from official groups.

It is written that the X2emails group scanned 80 percent of the mail on groups and pages. After purchasing membership, I saw that this is not so. Despite the 100% refund written on their website, they also do not return the money.

When I say 80 percent of the groups do not scan; I get the answer that the real members of the groups will be 9k and therefore 7k scan on mobile. Members of all groups on mobile consist of 9k. Therefore, even if there is 1 million people in the group, the number of e-mails you can receive cannot exceed 7k.

The maximum number of mail that can be received on the pages is 30k. The size of the page does not matter.

In addition, every comment you write negatively in Facebook group is deleted.

As a result; 80 percent of the groups claim that mail is scanned is a scam. The 80 percent rate is true, but there is a cunning here. You will be able to scan 80 percent of 9k. Therefore, I recommend you not to make money with this scam. Do not believe the 80 percent incident.

Remember that you will only receive 7k scans from each group!

X2Emails, which doesn’t accept any criticism, has now deleted my account, which I paid 149 dollars. And of course there is no refund. They got angry because I opened the group.

As a result, X2Emails is scam. And it consists of people who don’t even accept any criticism. He is deleted when you are makes negative comments including his own groups.


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