Quick 1-minute exercises that will work wonders for your back. It’s not only good for your back; stretching exercises are good for relaxing muscle tension and …




  1. Hi, I have back pain as well as cervical spondylitis is exercise number 3,6,7 is harmful for me?

  2. Its really very effective i do these exercise for a year and i go on another channels but bright side exeraises reduce my pain of my spine and back

  3. My back was hruting when I was on my trampoline and in my bed too and I use a ice pack to help it and it does not help me

  4. Thanks…it does work… I did just 2 to 4 excersise just to learn and right now i m feeling much better.. Hope i do it on regular basis.. ❤❤

  5. Who else is watching in quarantine
    Am in lockdown & am going through a severe back pain so am here for a quick stretches which relive my pain!

  6. Hey i have pain in center of shoulder blade….. i played volleyball recently…. now i cant jump or run… the pain is so sharp in the center while doing these

  7. @Bright side
    I recently met with an accident and it was compression fracture D12 (healed but there is little disc gap as doctor said).
    Its been 3 months but im getting lower back pain. Can i try these stretches ??? Will it help to reduce the pain ? Can i do that ??

  8. These look simple to do. I have a really weak back so doesn’t take much for lower back pain. I am feeling more motivated seeing that these work


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