So, your favorite shirt feels a bit tight. Maybe you haven’t been very active. Or maybe you’ve had a few hearty, late-night snacks recently. Whatever the reason …





  1. Ok folks you DO NOT NEED all of these different variations; I went from not in shape and huge to in shape and huge and guys asking me what I am doing!? Just simple pushups wide stance and diamonds will do it- I promise!

  2. i recommend beginners to go on your knees and try push ups, because if you didnt do any push ups for years you will not be able to do even 1…

  3. Your forms of workout are not correct. ..if you want detailed information to form subscribe my channel

  4. I'm 55 years old and can do 55 push ups. I'm a Army and Navy veteran. As I get older it get harder. I try to do at least 100 a day.


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