10 Biggest Sea Dinosaurs That Ever Existed on Earth

Whatever lives in the sea nowadays can’t be compared with the huge monsters that dominated the depths millions of years ago. And by “monsters” we mean …


  1. Megalodon is believed to be either the second or third biggest sea animal ever after the Blue whale. How did the uploader missed that?

  2. you are wrong with the mosousouras and the shastusouras the mosousouras is bigger it's the biggest animals to live they are 182 feet long

  3. Comments about how inaccurate this video is: 99.9999999%
    Comments about how this is truth: 0.0000001%
    Comments about how much people think that there are actual sea dinosaurs: none%

    Narrator: pliosaurus was stronger than the mighty t. rex.
    Me: so spinosaurus and giganotosaurus could take it down no problem?

  4. why are there so many mad people? but, yes, bright side if you make another video about 'sea dinosaurs' plz use the correct term, like 'marine reptiles' or something like that.

  5. The title of this video is making me question if there ever were extra terrestrial dinosaurs discovered…..

  6. Bright side: Ten BIGGEST sea dinos dat ever existed in earth!

    Me: Hey bright side! Have you been studying? Because if you were, you would know that sharks existed alongside dinosaurs billions of years ago. Yes you heard that right! Sharks have been around since the dinosaurs!

  7. Oh, I forgot to tell you guys the purpose of the LONG necks. I read in a book that they were used to catch prey, now you may be thinking. How in the world could a super long neck help with catching prey? WELL I have just the answer to that! You see, the huge bodies of these creatures could easily scare away prey meaning that the hunt would be useless, so in order to solve that problem they poke their HEADS into a suitable sized school of fish leaving their bodies far away from the prey. What do they do after that? WELL you might have guessed by now, THEY BITE

  8. People, dont get me wrong but…If you searched 'Largest sea reptiles' this would be harder to find

  9. Your missing prognathosuarus he kinda looks like a lizard but except for feet flippers and his big 40 mt long and weighs about 90 cars


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