Do you know how to administer first aid? Almost all of us remember some basic things about the rules of providing first aid. But is our knowledge correct, or is …




  1. While still working food servous i have administered the Heimlich multiple times, administered first aid to an employee having a seizure, helped someone on the street who was having a seizure while i was driving by, and treated a customer who had overdosed in our bathroom. I relied on previous military training and formal 1st aid certification in each circumstance. Today I am now working as an MST for 4 different hospitals (under the same group) in my city, taking care of patients.

    Skip the youtube videos people and go get your 1st aid certification. It is dirt cheap (I think $35 when i got it) and you may need it at some point, likely multiple times in your life, and maybe even on your own family.

    THAT is the #1 mistake people make when it comes to first aid.

  2. Beziehe mich nur auf das Bild… Bin selbst Sani beim Bund und muss sagen, dass das Schwachsinn ist, da es ganz egal ist, wie man abbindet, Hauptsache die Blutung hört auf. (in der Regel immer Körperstamm nah) Dass Auterien, Venen und Gewebe zerquetscht und beschädigt werden ist klar. Also ist das auf dem Bild absolut korrekt, z. B. Wenn man kein Tournequie dabei hat.

  3. I was going to subscribe, but I will not when the shared info is inccorect.

    When you get something in your eye, youre suppose to cover both eyes, because when one eye moves, so does the other one and it can cause more injuries.

    When someone is joking, you do not deliver back blows (unless its an infant, then you have to tilt them with their supported head down, 5 back blows, 5 chest compressions) and never give them anything to drink as it can push the object down causing more problems. For adults, ask them to cough as hard as they can and if they cannot caugh, perform abdominal thrusts until the object comes out or the person goes unconscious. If they go unconscious, carefully lay them down on their back (supine) on the floor and perform CPR.

    I stopped watching the video

  4. When I got CPR certified, I was tought hands only CPR. If you don't know how, call 911 and the operator will walk you through it.

  5. Those are all things I knew lol. I’m trained in first aid, though all I had to do was deal with panic attacks and paper cuts. I’m usually the one who receives first aid lol… except the people I know are really bad at it.

  6. Coming back to no. 1 if you see someone bleeding heavily on a limb a tourniquet is ALWAYS your best choice. A limb can go up to 12 hours without blood. Calling a ambulance or trying to stop is a other way is step to as your patient will bleed out in 3 or 4 minutes and you don't know how longs he's there already.
    This miss information is very dangerous please do actual research guys

  7. Hey, towards #6… That is not correct… please NEVER Put water on a burn. It will just cause the burned area to cool out.

  8. The pic of the video is true not all the time it’s ok when is a big cut why is that the answer is we are trying to not lose more blood it’s ok if its pumps more until it stops

  9. This is an awful video. whom ever made it, most definitely is not a professional. Tourniquets are not a last resort. Science has shown the effectiveness of them. Hence going to CAB over ABC. This video is awful. Someone will die because of this. If you want to know find an actual professional. So you know. I am paramedic. I'm an instructor and have been doing this stuff for a decade.

  10. I am a certified American Red Cross First Aid instructor (along with many other courses) and an American Heart Association certified instructor and I have to point out some inaccuracies. In number 5 you point out that first you should give 5 back blows and then proceed to give abdominal thrusts until the airway is unobstructed, however that's not true according to the most recent procedure updates made before the video was given out. The current procedure recognized by the American Red Cross is to give 5 back blows and 5 abdominal thrusts and then 5 back blows and 5 abdominal thrusts and keep repeating until the airway is cleared, the victim becomes unconscious or more advanced medical care arrives on the scene. It is inaccurate to first give 5 back blows and then just keep on giving abdominal thrusts until it's dislodged.
    Additionally when you speak about #3 and describe how to care for a heart attack you make it very clear to always first call for help. However according to the American red Cross and the American heart association, that is not always the best course of action. It almost all cases you should call EMS right away. The exception to this is cardiac emergencies. In some cardiac emergencies like cardiac arrest you want to provide care first if you are the only rescuer on the scene. If there are more people, you can ask one of them to call 911, but if you are the only one on the scene, it is more important to provide emergency care like CPR then calling 911 right away. Let me emphasize that this is the case for cardiac arrest and not all heart attacks (I am mostly speaking about cardiac arrest because that's what they were talking about but they called it heart attack), however it is important to note that many heart attacks progress into cardiac arrest and if that happens you should know what to do.
    I am just posting this to ensure that everyone has the right idea and I appreciate the attempt by this channel to educate people.

  11. Yes there's a situation where paramedics will take 20-30minutes in arriving that is why I'm watching this video

  12. @thebrightside If someone is bleeding out of the limbs like in the thumbnail and it wont stop you Should! Use A Belt As A Ternicate You Could Save There Life!

  13. No. 5 is wrong. Never Pat a choking person's back you may help the food choke into his wind pipe even more. Go straight with the manouver to get out the choking particle.

  14. Please make video on how to deliver a baby in emergency cases, (for unprofessionals)
    Thank you

  15. My health teacher is making us watch this and I'm so mad, because I'm familiar with this channel being one of the many content farms here on YouTube. I really don't wanna give this video another view, but I gotta get that easy grade I guess.

  16. You can get someone killed. Please anyone reading this you're better off getting a survival book that has been verified as correct with first aid and CPR.

  17. Yes been a first aider for over 50 years also a retired nurse. If I dont know how I never will. In the UK we are not aloud to use aTounquet. Only compression bandage or hand or foot pressure.

  18. Tourniquet should be used if available or if it can be made, people can go for several hours with a tourniquet on a limb and not have nerve damage or any damage.


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