Fruits and vegetables are part of our daily lives.When consumed, it is among the foods that have many benefits to our health.
Do you know how some fruits and vegetables that are grown with great effort are going through?Forget everything you know until this time.You’ll be surprised when learn how to grow these fruits and vegetables.

Ginger is grown in tropical climates, especially in India and Malaysia.It is a thick, soft handled plant.It is an annual plant that can take up to 1 meter long,has a thin and long leaf,blossoms are yellow-red colors,root tubers are used as spices and medicine.The importance of ginger is very great.The most important benefit of this plant is against nausea.If you have such a disorder, you can drink ginger tea.

Pineapples are among the fruits we have enjoyed in summer with its juicy and spacious flavor.Most pineapples in the world are grown in India.In Turkey, it grows in the Mediterranean and Marmara Region.
Contrary to the prediction it surprised many people because of growing on the ground.Pineapple is not just a fruit for flavoring cocktails.This tropical fruit prevents cell loss and helps in energy production.The pineapple,which was first grown in Central and South America, then widely started to be used in Europe.

It is one of the oldest known vegetables in history.
Artichoke,which is a member of the chamomile family and proved benefit in many ways, is a blue-violet flowering plant.It was first grown in Ethiopia, where it was consumed as a food for ease of digestion.Then it went to Europe and became a popular vegetable here.

It’s a plant from the legumes family.It grows in the soil.The plant is outside.Peanuts are under the soil.

Cocoa is 4-8 meters tall and belongs to the family of malvaceae.It’s used in chocolate making.The natural growing area is grown throughout the tropics along with South America,West Africa and the West Indian islands.This fruit is easily recognizable with the shape of the flowers.Flowers are observed in temperate country plants and come out of the plant body.

The main country is South and Southeast Asia.It does not grow in Turkey because of climate.It is a plant of tropical regions.There are many types of this.It is a very nice fragrant tree.China cinnamon is a larger tree and can extend up to 10-12 meters.This kind is, evergreen in winter.It is obtained by the above method with peeling the bark and branches.This is more burning,sharp and less valuable than Ceylon cinnamon.

7)Brussels Sprouts
Brussels sprouts are produced in better quality, especially in light frost periods of the year.
It is a long-term,cool climate vegetable.
Because it likes cold weather, it is seen in autumn in regions with warm climate.Organic matter in the soil is provide moisture in the need for strong growth of the plant helps.

Date belongs to palmaceae family.The trunk is can extend up to 25 meters.It’s motherland is the Arabian Peninsula and North Africa.
The date tree loves warm and dry climates.
Our country doesn’t grow dates because of geographical location.It is grown as an ornamental tree on the side of the road,in parks and gardens in the Mediterranean Region.A healthy date tree gives 200 kilograms dates a year.The average palm tree lives for 60-70 years.Some varieties have a lifetime of 100 years.

The cashew apples are grows in the tree.This tree doesn’t grow everywhere.It’s usually found in Brazil,Africa and India.As for why cashew is so expensive,a single cashew that we choke down to the stomach a second is produced from apples and the production process is also very difficult.Apples are collected.Than the sections where we eat cashews are separated and the seeds are roasted with shells like chestnuts.It can also be consumed by separating it from its shells.

With its structure resistant to different climatic conditions,it can be grown almost anywhere in Turkey.Unlike other plants, it is produced from tubers instead of seeds.Cultivation is very easy.It can be easily sprouted and produced in moist and loose soil.In temperate climatic conditions, it needs a maximum 65-70 PH ratio.Experts are recommend potatoes because of their saturation.




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