Many furniture and accessories have become so unusual that we see the same things in almost every home. However, the way to add character to the house is through furniture that is unique and rarely seen. If you want to make a new change to your life and get tired of a routine, this video is for you. you can support us by liking this video for the continuation of these t supply videos before you start the video. Here are the home products you want to buy right now.

10-Boxx Collection

Designed based on three basic principles: functionality,advanced technology, contemporary and minimalist, these dazzling and transformable furnishings belong to this collection. Boxetti modules are designed to achieve maximum efficiency. The design of solid blocks allowed furniture to be transformed into very different designs. Comfortable and convenient modules have different varieties designed for bedrooms,study rooms,kitchen and living spaces. Small home designs or small spaces to earn space for those who want to have useful furniture that can be preferred boxetti site can visit.

9-Dining Table Turning Into A Pool Table

The dining table for home and office can also be turned into a pool table. It can be used with pleasure at home and work places by making the living space enjoyable. When the top covers are opened, it turns into a professional billiards table with a special construction that can be opened at 270 degrees. Designs upon request, can be found in all shapes and colors. For those who like billiards, this table is very useful and useful.

8-Technological Table

Table sizes are sometimes quite important ,but this table is a large family desk, can be turned into a small coffee table at any time. You can surprise your mother or your wife by taking the table full of surprise. The table you see in the video has all the features you can imagine. The only problem is that he doesn’t fly.

7-Bed With Sofa

When we say bed, don’t think of regular beds. This bed makes it clear that it’s unusual. The bed can be used as a seat during the day while sleeping in the evenings can be used as a bed. That way, you’ll never have room problem for guests coming home. The price of this team, which is even handy, is $ 5,000. I don’t know is worth it or isn’t, but with wall-mounted bed won’t be no place problem.

6-Multi-Way Bed

Speaking of beds, let’s go with another bed. This bed is very useful for small spaces. Designers have produced modular furniture with different functional features for small living spaces. When the study desk opens, it’s the couch. It’s a double bunk when you open the closet. There’s a bed hidden behind the window. When the sofa opens, it’s both bed and bunk. Custom-designed furniture models. Check this product. You’il like it.

5-Shaped Chair

This chair, which expands like a paper with support, has quite interesting features. At first glance, it’s hard to understand what it is, but the way it works surprises everyone. You can raise that number if you want. This chair,which can expand from small to large and from small to small at the same time, seems to be very useful in all kinds of crowded places. The cost of the seat varies from 900 to 100 dollars.

4-Private TV Room

Wouldn’t you like your TV and bed in the same place? Sounds like we can hear those who say yes. It’s not just us and the designers must have thought about it, so they invented it. When you want to convert to bed, simply invert the shelf. When the guests arrive, they immediately turn into shelves with books and televisions. No one will notice this secret bed unless you tell them.

3-Color Library Bar

The colorful corner library enclosure illuminates your room and provides a convenient storage space. The rear panels are prepared in the form of mini-steps. That makes him very elegant. This book is easy to clean and looks solid and needs to be made every home is a product. Keeping and organizing your books won’t be boring anymore. This modular library will be the ideal companion for your books.

2-M Chair

You’re wrong if you think this chair is just shaped like an M letter. This chair, made of waterproof wood, can be transformed into many forms. It’il be a nice place, especially in your garden. You can rest in peace in this sandbox. You can lie down and sleep whenever you want, because you can easily turn into bed.

The seat without space

Thanks to its convertible and multi-purpose seat designs, the seats serve multiple purposes. There are multi-purpose seat models that can turn into floor cushions,tables and many other items. It’s a very smart way to save space.




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