Life isn’t easy when you’re busy. Going to the gym is time-consuming, what with all that getting there, working out, and going back. So if you’re not keen on …




  1. I started it from today and it was way difficult than I thought. But I won't give up because I have will power and dedication for fitness. Never give up.

  2. Summary:
    1.Jumping jack :1 min (no rest)
    2.Pendulum lunges :1 min ( each leg 30 sec )
    3.Pause squats : 10 reps (each 3 sec)
    4.Mountain climber twist : 30 sec
    5.Burpees : 10 reps
    6.Blast off pushups : 10 reps
    7.Diamond pushups : 10 reps
    8.Back extension : 30 sec
    9.Tricep dips : 20 reps

  3. Hello guys.. How many months to improve your body.? Please answer. Because first day of month this may 01 2020, i start to improve the body? Thanks. ithink ineed to guide of master gym. What do you think how mich to pay


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