Wake up on the wrong side of the bed this morning? Perhaps it’s because you’re guzzling down a bunch of coffee or jumping in a hot shower right after you …




  1. the hardest for me is looking in meh laptop and making meh bed and brushing meh teeth i honestly take a tedip water so yea thx fro the tips
    btw i might wright those down after i froget XD

  2. here in the Philippines, we can survive taking a cold bath early in the morning during school days

  3. No no! While it's true that brushing right after eating something acidic is harmful to your teeth, you should brush after the first meal. Just wait a few minutes after eating the acidic thing before brushing. Perhaps in a perfect world, you wake up, drink water, have breakfast, do your work out and then brush your teeth. My coworkers at the dental office I work at say that brushing first thing and then eating breakfast doesn't really do anything because now those food particles are in your mouth even longer than they would have been had you brushed.

  4. I brush my teeth before my breakfast anyways my mom Learnt if from a Doctor before I was born it was even on the news

  5. I thougth that the thumbnail was uhm like uknow that part of the day/week/month

    Dont blame me they should make their thumbnail more detailed that it does not mean that

  6. I have a very high bunk so I can't make it because I will bump my heade on lamp or ceiling . And you can't say that is true we can do whatever I want

  7. the hardest to break for me is dringking coffe in the morning because i literally need it and see my email inbox because if i didnt do that my clients will uh you know what happens

  8. no one gonna take a shower in freezzing water hot showers are better and sorry

  9. I have seen this video already on a different channel and ever fact was in the same order bright side I've seen so many videos on a different channel that are the same way this is are you sure you're not stealing videos?

  10. I don't drink coffee. I'm more of a tea person. I Don't take showers in the morning cold or hot I don't take them.I typically take showers at night typically warm Or hot what time it was lukewarm.

  11. 10. Is true may alarm so far in my bed arghh and I went to bed bishhhh I feel like not sleepy anymore

  12. Heyy guys i Just started a youtube channel please sub and lets grow together love yalll ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  13. wait the first thing I do is eat breakfast so is that the same as go on your phone the minute u wake up?


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