Tartar sauce might be great on your fish, but nobody likes to have tartar on their teeth. And I’m talking about bacteria-filled plaque that hardens and stains your …




  1. When one person comments 'everyone reading this' with something k likes and when another person sees it and copies it just for the freakin likes, it's just likes not gonna get like the same amount of money as you receive likes 🙄

  2. I have Gingivitis: bleeding painful gums and teeth when biting. Any advise on what to eat and or how to reduce pain, anyone??!

  3. Take one bowl. Mix baking soda and salt in that. Now throw this mixture away and visit DENTIST.

  4. Why to risk go to dentist clean up with no side effects, baking soda is not natural, please show video in which brushing with your composition removes calculus , do that video,

  5. At 6:29 the guy is brushing his teeth the wrong way. He is actually pushing food bacteria up into the gums. Should be brushing sideways. Not upwards. Just saying lol.

  6. Thank you! Just used baking soda and salt to start. Removed so much buildup and stains after one use. Will continue other steps.
    Brush teeth twice daily with toothpaste, nothing helped.
    Teeth are smooth with no rough feel.
    What a difference!

  7. I'm a professional dentis just to let every one now please don't use Lemon as it can damage you teeth and gums and make them painful.

  8. If you want your teeth to be the cleanest thing in earth mix all the ingredients that this video said


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