10 Questions That'll Reveal Who You Really Are

Do you know who you really are? You might think you know yourself better than anyone else, but there may be some aspects of your personality that you either …


  1. I still don't know myself. Even I don't understand which one I should choose in this question. I really wanna know who I am and be myself. I wanna be like the other who never think so much about this and love themself. I don't want to be selfish by wanting this but I also want to feel happy.

    If you read this, Sorry for disturbing you with my words

  2. I helped the nurse first because she is the only one capable of helping someone else on the screen. Lol

  3. hold up what does it mean if i said no one on the third one 💀 since if u really look at it it looked like the nurse was gonna help the guy and the baby was in the way if the grandma and she seemed as if she was gonna help him

  4. I often hear such a way of manipulating/succeeding people in business or teaching children, it’s not to give them open choices, but just to give limited options, as narrow as 2. I find my daughter does not get trapped often, and I think she has a upseeking spirit.

  5. yea draw a crocodile the size of my screen and put a little boat there and expect me to see the boat first…bro fk off with these tests mate

  6. Who has a habit of scrolling down the comments while watching video 😁
    Me comes in that category and u?

  7. Test: What do you see first
    Me: hourglass!
    Test: If you saw a face……
    Test: If you saw a candle….

  8. Okay.. it took you 50 seconds again to get to the point but. Yeah. Nothing new. Unless you have lived under a stone for the last 30/40 years. 🤗

  9. I………Don't know what any of these coffee types are……………I just drink black coffee………. ?

  10. This video was a total joke. I am 13 and don't drink coffee but I imagined nobody at the beach and I have so many friends.

  11. 1. Eye for detail. Attentive and precise. Missing the big picture.
    2. Introverted. Staying at home. Enjoy being alone
    3. Leader by nature. Organized, practical and focused on life and goals. Cold in personality
    4. Perfectionalist.
    5. Survivor. (Saw this riddle ages ago)
    6. I don't drink coffee 🤷‍♀️
    7. Shy. Cautious around strangers
    8. Confidently stand up for urself
    9. Reserved.
    10. Difficult to trust other people.

    Not a 100% true but yeah most of them are.

  12. I couldn't wait to read the comments . After watching this . Mmmm interesting . Ways to find out personality

  13. Mine
    1. Big picture
    2. Introvert
    3. Have high moral principles
    4. Perfectionist? (I chose grey so…)
    5. Door 2
    6. How?? I never drink coffee so…maybe someday🤣
    7. Not so dark and not so bright colours
    8. I can't help but think about lionfish…and I don't like them. It's true that I don't like arguments🤣
    9. Flat seashells
    10. Empty beach (I barely have any friends when I was a kid. I do have friends but not true friends, they left me like I don't really exist and I kinda ignore it and continue spending time alone so I guess it's true🤣)

    So what's yours?

  14. 灰色膨らんでる?長方形??普通に黒色は別みたいなイメージ


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