We love oranges for their fruity vitamin nature, but we don’t realize that we make a huge mistake throwing away their peels. It turns out they can be used in so …




  1. Another thing my mother used to do in Olden days is dry out the orange peel and make it a as powder and apply in the hair wash. That gives more special aroma to the hair. Herbal powder hair wash which also includes the dried hibiscus powder to it.

  2. There are many medicinal properties in orange peels. Chinese lemon chicken use orange peels to get that orange flavor!

  3. Just tried some fine chopped orange peels sprinkled in my garden because the neighbour's dog leaves its dirt there.Hope it will keep the dog away otherwise i will try vinegar.

  4. Unfortunately every year I miss a pregnant slug when putting my plants away in the greenhouse. When I put orange peel in the plants the slugs love to snack on them. I think they can smell them. I go hunting about 8:00 pm. If I catch a slug I throw it away with the orange peel. It saves from putting slug bait in the greenhouse where I could get into it.

  5. 3:35 Burning citrus peels in the fireplace will clear the chimney of creosote?? What utter nonsense. As far as I'm concerned there were only a couple of actual tips in this vid, and those weren't anything new. The only positive was the movie animation throughout.

  6. thinly slice your orange peels. in a saucepan add 1 cup water and 1 cup sugar over med-hi heat stir till sugar is melted, add in peels bring to a slow boil, boil about an hour and a half, remove peels and let dry on a rack for a few hours then coat with sugar its a tasty candy treat. save the syrup for coffee or tea. it also will help soothe a sore throat just take a few tablespoons as needed, it's loaded with vitamin c

  7. I'm a former exterminator who specialized in agricultural pest control. Orange rinds were commonly used by farmers in the mid to late 1800s through the first half of the 1900s. They would dry the rinds and then grind them into small pieces then shake them out around their barns, manure piles, and maybe even around the exteriors of their homes. The long-lasting scent of the orange rind, applied in this way, is a great deterrent to flies, mosquitos, and spiders. Maybe more people are using these safe yet effective methods again now.

  8. Zest the rid and place inside an ice cube tray with water or juice, then freeze. Use these cubes to make a refreshing drink, or as a substitute for popsicles

  9. Boil some and inhale the steam to breathe better,if you get shortness of breath or have breathing disease

  10. I dip large peels or a half of orange or lemon in baking soda then use it to scrub my sink, my baking sheets, any pans with burnt on food, I have even used it to clean my glass shower doors. Pretty much anywhere I use the baking soda, as it adds a nice fragrance.

  11. When you fry something like fish or any seafood fry some oranges peels with it to cover up the fishy smell.


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