10 Safe Exercises to Get Rid of Belly Fat Easily


Do you want to end the vicious cycle of failed attempts to get rock-hard abs? Making your belly fit and flat isn’t that hard — you only need to eat healthy, which is …

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  1. hi my name is najla all of these exercise made me sweating like a pig
    love ur videos it helped me lose 9 kgs

  2. I’m gonna do this for idk how long but I’m on day one and I just did it!
    Day 1- All of them were pretty easy and not that hard!

    I’ll come back tomorrow and do it for all of you wanting results!

  3. I love all of these because you can just do it in bed plus I'll update you if I lose weight
    Day 1: sweaty needs some breaks
    Day:2 legs are VERY sore

  4. I love the exercises thank you I actually enjoy it .. like going to my old yoga class thank you

  5. Day one cant tell anything just sweaty
    Day2 hard but noticed loss in weight
    Day3 easy got used to it lost a lot of weight
    Day4 started to see 6 pack
    Day5 skipped
    Day6 finally got a 6pack

  6. This is the worst pain I've felt in my stomach ever since my period 😂 Happy for that though

  7. These the best exercises I ever had I refuse 8 lbs in 20 day.i really love it but with exercise I was keeping control on my diet.thsnk a lot.🙏

  8. i am doing school from home and this is going to be the PE for everyday until i go back to school again! ( by the way this my moms pic and account)

  9. I do this excercise but not everyday….then also I observe some changes….I don't do the ball exercise only coz I don't have…for today I will start my 7 days challenge…I will keep updating u if I forget keep reminding me …thank u !

  10. Day 1: “Lift your legs 12” off the ground and keep your legs straight”

    The girl in the video lifted her legs way higher than 12” and her legs were not straight!

  11. At the beginning they showed 16.somethin million, but the subscribe button said 17 mill

  12. we should not be doing. crunches if we feel neck pain,infact,instead of leg raise and crunches,we can go for pilates,hollow body rolles ,superman,mountain climbers