It’s one of the most terrifyingly fascinating places on our planet. Ships and planes simply vanish, radios and compasses just stop working, and some even say …




  1. I have an explination for ALL of these anomalies: the Mist.
    Hear me out, and calm down, Percy Jackson fans.

    According to the Percy Jackson universe, the dealings of gods, monsters, and demigods (children of gods and non-gods, or 'mortals) was hidden from the sight of mortals by an invisible force (monitored by the goddess Hecate) twisted what mortals thought they saw- like quivers and bows of archers into backpacks.

  2. The mysterious place in my house is the couch when I lay on it I can’t stand up and I’m not copying
    And I luv ur vidz Mysterious ocean

  3. You dont know what happened in mohenjo daro……..
    You should be ashamed i am just a little kid and i know what happened to it,and i know everything about in detail.
    Like if you want to know the answer
    👇🏻😉.edited;thanks for soo many likes

  4. Many Indians say that there was a flood the river ganges overflowed and now mohen jodaro is under the river


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