Ah, India… It’s a country of great wisdom, incredible history, ruins of ancient cities, eastern spices, delicious tea, and beautiful nature. India gave the world a great …




  1. we Indians are somehow crazy after foreigners If we had knew you are Bright Side channel owner you would have been treated like a celebrity.

  2. U missed the below.
    Mail invented by Indian.
    Zero invented by Indian.
    Yoga invented by Indian.
    Inifinity invented by Indian.
    There are lot of Indian companies leading the world. And lot of Indian people being CEOs of american companies. More and more.

  3. You missed many things in India specially, Whenever you will come to India dont forget to visit GUJARAT.

  4. Surely u have to visit kerala when u vist India. It is the one of the osm place in India 😍😍
    And I'm a native tooo

  5. You missed the another big fastival of Bengali's called “Durga Puja” held at the most eastern part of India name West Bengal State. I think you must have to make a video on West Bengal and it's culture called Bengali's culture. You can contact me for details. Just ask me for my mobile number.
    Thank you.

  6. In india literally every where fairs are held called mela it also have a big fair call kashan ka mela


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