If you think that her royal duties keep the Queen sitting all day long, let me correct you. Throughout her life, she’s traveled more than any other ruler in the world.




  1. She has everything at her disposal and she is fortunate to be well.blessed since her marriage to Prince Philip. May she continue to live a good long life.

  2. I think she is wonderful, she has given us all a wonderful example of how to live a balanced life. She eats healthy and doesn’t overeat. I love that she still rides horses and has always had dogs in her life which helps to live a long life. Just walking all over her homes is tremendous exercise. I think Harry’s wife was jealous and she could never measure up to her majesty and she should respect, love and admire the Queen but she won’t because she is too self-centered to care about anybody but herself. The Queen and I agree on many things, I like to stay up late, I love horses and dogs and I would love to be in her inner circle.


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