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  1. Do not put your sponge or however to microwave. It explode on me! Smells terrible and it was very dangerous!
    I do not believe in these any more!

  2. Of course most of these hygiene things are exaggerated. We need some bacteria. It is not natural to have anything sterile in our houses. A human needs bacteria to build antibodies. Otherwise we are going to get sick very quickly. Nobody has to change EVERYTHING that is mentioned in this video, because we are already in our own eco system when we're at home.

  3. WHY do you wash your hands then touch the same faucet handle that you touched with your dirty hand when you turned it on?

  4. I clean houses for a living! Everyone else’s germs!! No gloves!!! Aaaannnddd…. guess what! I’m never sick! Poof… mind blown!! It’s called an immune system!!😝 And a good amount of bleach of course!!

  5. I am always shocked at the number of people who never close their toilet lid .It is ALWAYS standing up .WHY /?

  6. Before you watch throw away your whole bathroom and buy a new one😅 wash all of your clothes and buy new stuff of everything you already using😂 then come back to watch it😂

  7. Wow i hace OCD or something cuz I already do all of these. I thought it was common sense. I’m a germaphobic

  8. OK bright side tell me one thing… These bacteria and fungi can grow anywhere ha…..literally anywhere…..


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