Who doesn’t love a good riddle? They’re a fun and challenging way to stimulate your brain and keep your logic skills razor sharp. Some of the riddles you’re …




  1. The watch one was easy bright side it was too easy but… u want to know why?
    The left watch was too long. But great riddle👍

  2. On question #1, the Cheetah is the only one facing to the right.

    On question #5, literally there are only 5 cubes and those hidden ones might be round or square or in other shape forms.

    Also, on question #8, another correct answer is…123+45-67+8-9 = 100.

  3. The last one the robot is not reading a book. Hit the like button if you saw something else😆

  4. I found several of these to be annoying and arbitrary: #1 – all except the crocodile are warm-blooded. If we are considering animals, it isn't logical for the first point of comparison to be spelling! #5 – there are no cubes; it's a two-dimensional representation! #7 – by this sort of silliness you could argue almost any figure (other than the obvious and should-have-been-correct 6); how about 20 (because, of course we should have realized you were thinking in base6!)! I'm more than old enough to have driven a standard stick, and standard in most vehicles doesn't include a 5th gear (or even a 4th)! #13 – seriously?? I mean, really!

  5. I thought chicken coz it has two legs no hands…
    In second riddle 14 secs… X top digit on triangle with bottom right u getva total call it total x, then multiply both bottom digits call it total y, subtract y from x. Result is 3

  6. 1 3 5 /2 4 R not necessarily true. If taken as the car gear like here. Some cars like tata hexa have 6 gears then the combination will be 1 3 5/2 4 6 not R.

  7. I thought number three killed the girl because it happened in the woman's bathroom and number three was the only other girl.

  8. On question 5, there are only 5 cubes showing and the side of one other one. We were supposed to assume the other 3 that are hidden are there. If that's the case, you could give an answer of lets say, 13 and be right and just say they were hidden too.

  9. Question #1. Animals. 0:30
    Question #2. Four triangles. 1:30
    Question #3. 7 guests and 1 cake at a birthday party. 2:41
    Question #4. Six glasses. 3:35
    Question #5. How many cubes are in this image? 4:27
    Question #6. A father and his son. 5:07
    Question #7. Six squares with numbers.
    Question #8. A series of numbers from 1 to 9.
    Question #9. Ten trees.
    Question #10. Which of these bottom lines is a continuation of the top one?
    Question #11. Two seemingly perfect watches.
    Question #12. A woman has been murdered in a restaurant bathroom.
    Question #13. NBA team’s logo.


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