Imagine you’re in a forest and come across a bear. Or that you’re stuck in a building that’s on fire. Would you know what to do to survive? Life is full of surprises, …




  1. Number 12 when you said the eye thing that not true if it has a cat like eye it mean the sneak is a night olw one and a sneak with a round eye ones are one that are day one so yeah but i really like your vid thx for making these vids.

  2. I know I’m here in 2020 but the pupils of a snake doesn’t determine if they’re venomous, they’re pupils determine if their nocturnal or not

  3. That's a myth about venomous snakes have cat shaped eyes it means that they come out a night and the ones with round eyes come out in the day time

  4. 7:16
    Indeed,that is not true! The pupil shape determines if the snake is diurnal or nocturnal!
    Snakes with round pupils are nocturnal which those with sharp ones are diurnal!

  5. The last tip on music is true. Just today I was fined $481 and 4 points coz I exceeded speed limit by 20kmph while listening to my favourite song on high volume. I was enjoying the songs so much that I lost track of my speed and didn’t see the odometer which was right in front of my eyes.

  6. So where I live there's pleanty of tornados when it gets to tornado season (once in elementary, there were 3 if them before I'd even left school). They always tell us don't just go to the bathroom cuz if the tub- what you should do is go to the lowest floor/level if the building on an inside room- no windows, doors, or exterior walls- and then you sit crouched down/curled up with your arms over your head.


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