There you are, at the airport, sitting in the departure lounge waiting for your flight. Then, you see them walk by in their crisp uniforms. Pilots – they’re the epitome …




  1. 7:22 no you can’t, your phone is gonna be gone the moment you put it out of the window. Even a cessna is going fast enough so you cant put your hands out and take selfies

  2. 9:19 no they are wrong. You want a safe landing not a smooth landing. And safe landing and smooth landing arent the same 90% of the time.

  3. Once a day I flew to egypt and the foods were coming after people could come in the cocpit one by one. And I could go in :3

  4. 8:52 Actually, that's not always the case. For example, at AA we can book a flight and request First Class for free, but of course there will has to be enough seats.

  5. Also people who Mae airplanes get to fly for free but they have to wait till there is a open seat for all the people there taking

  6. About the landing: Atleast before people ( including me ) always gave the captain a round of applause for successfully landing the plane, I loved that! The captains deserve it!

    But now….it doesn’t happen as often…only some times…which kinda makes me a bit sad.

  7. 5:52 The instruments are impossible. The altimeter can´t be tilted on one side where when it shows the plane on the other side that is literally impossible.

  8. I am training to be a pilot and I like how you used yoke instead of joystick, lots of people make that mistake. But it does depend on the manufacturers

  9. And btw the pilots can film and take pictures in the cockpit and I think you should stop making videos about aviation


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