Elements from Japanese culture are in our lives right now: many people watch anime and Japanese TV series, they eat wok and sushi, and they listen to songs …




  1. Okinawa village u forgot to add it … Its the place where longest humans live and life over there is always happy

  2. No.14 is not only done in japan, i am from Hong Kong and people hand out free tissues daily in a form of advertisement.

  3. Wait what? You (i assume are american) don’t eat real sushi? The ‘sauce’ in sushi is not only intended for easier picking up but also as flavour. I liven in Europe and there the sushi always has the sauce I assume in it because it never falls apart. Otherwise it’s not real sushi 😱🤔

  4. as I watch the videos, I wonder what kind of research did you guys do as you are misinforming people with this videos. As someone living in Japan, I wonder where did you get this information.

  5. I have visited Japan a couple of times! Never found these! Had coffee almost everyday in a plastic cup from a vending machine like everywhere else

  6. There are 3 things Which I am impressive most about Japan: car auto automatic-opening wing , chin lifting cord, vendor machines throughout country

  7. Please work on pronunciation. You mispronounced many Japanese words like "purikura" and "shinkansen." Some of these facts are not common aspects in Japan such as the subway chin strap, the moomin lunch buddy, and the miffy green light. I've also never seen Pringles as ramen, but I can buy a small can of Pringles chips at every convenience store around me. Please specify where you find these or you are providing false/ misleading information that these are common aspects of Japan.

  8. I am Japanese American and I go to Japan about once a year and I have never seen any of these things and/or many of these things are incorrect. Mifi is not on the traffic lights, there is no salt or sugar in sushi rice, square watermelons are a gimmicky thing and there are definitely not chin rests on trains.

  9. My aunt went to Japan and brought kitkats I especially loved the macha and green tea ones!!!

  10. I live in Japan and I’ve never saw or experienced any of these things. All these things are rare and unusual… no common.

  11. If the rice isn’t vinegared I don’t think u can call it sushi… it’s like saying baking a slice of mozerella on a soft bread is pizza… or putting milk to freeze in the freezer makes that ice cream.

  12. 50 billion dollars spread across 50 million machines equals 1,000 dollars per machine. That doesn't seem very impressive.


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