When you live in a country for many years, everything looks ordinary and familiar. But an outsider will always spot some curious quirks in your customs and …




  1. I live in the UK and i thought America was similar to Britain but they are actually very different

  2. In Oregon you don't pay your tax when you're at the cashier's actually and also in Oregon people put the gas in your car for you.

  3. I LOVE fried Oreos! I’ve also had fried twinkies. But my favorite is fried cheesecake ❤️🤤
    I can only wish that tipping was offensive in America ☹️ There shouldn’t be the need to tip! Employees should get paid an actual decent wage.

  4. Another one I'd add would be getting offended by everything xD Nowhere in the world are there so many snowflakes as in the US.

  5. In my experience, not all Americans are loud. Some subcultures are louder than others. That is not a value judgement, it's just an observation.

  6. I think the bathroom stall doors in America are that high in case the door gets stuck closed, you can still crawl out. Maybe the doors don’t get stuck anywhere else!

  7. Compared to other countries, only date is found unique? Fuel, Driving, Measurements etc. Americans have the knack of flaunt themselves up compared to others for no reason. Insane.

  8. The USA is different bc it’s like heaven it’s beautiful and it has everything, free will and freedom for everyone who is an American citizen. Then vs the world.

  9. Bathroom stalls have a gap to make you uncomfortable enough to not linger about in there. Loitering is frowned upon in the US. 👌

  10. Its not rude tryna tip in japan but the locals feel guilty to receive extra money other than whats show on the price tags 🙂

  11. Back in 1980 in India, if you are living in US you are the most educated, gifted one in the entire city.


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