If you travel by plane quite a lot, dozens of questions can be accumulated in your brain. For example, what are the best shoes to wear at the airport security …




  1. Yes but the scanners can mess with an implanted pacemaker or defibrillator so always tell security. They’ll wand you and/or pat you down. My mom has a pacemaker and I have defibrillator so it’s something I’ve learned

  2. What that clip he was talking about so that the person in front can’t push back? I don’t remember seeing this on my tray

  3. Now I have got all my answers Bright side is
    my favorite. YouTube Chanel especaly because I travel
    24 7

  4. Anyone else notice the bright side always has the most crazy thumbnails that make people want to click but I still click lol

  5. In Qatar airport, my mother and father drop me off at one of the Golden play areas for kids and it cost no money at all

  6. I have a question… I get rlly sore joints, muscles etc. and headaches, dizziness, nausea etc. when flying on planes. Does anyone know how I can reduce this???


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