1. Was this unknown? You know this inherently just from being human. I don't understand how this is a news report. "And here's an interesting statistic…" Is this the CBC or CNN?

  2. lol, "the youth" were quick to buy 1000$ phones, lease cars, buy 300$ shoes, "brag differently", going out to clubs and drinking expensive drinks with "funny, all accepting" people and the list goes on and on…And now they're broke? Why are people surprised? Wealth is what you save not what you spend! People don't have money now because they spent the money when they had it. That's all.

    ps. im a 23 yrld immigrant white guy, from a poor family, who's now doing perfectly fine financially. haha, and no you won't find me in malls and restaurants! That's for "the rich" lol. i c u grrrrrr ahah.

  3. So, we're now learning that the government can print large amounts money at will. Good to know!!! In the future there should be no more excuses for ignoring the needs of ALL vulnerable Canadians.

  4. For working families, taxes are too high. Consumption taxes on after-tax income. Almost impossible to save up for rainy days. It is pouring now! Canada must change the tax system to shift the burden to high worth Canadians. Those who have too much should support social programs such as healthcare. I mean people with multiple mansions, fancy yachts and million dollar artworks.

  5. "Stay home save lives" the most loaded statement ever. If you're terrified to live your life then stay at home and lock yourself in the bathroom or hide under the covers. The rest of us can try to save what's left of this economy


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