40+ Of The Most Ingenious “It Ain’t Stupid If It Works” Tricks On The Internet


When life gives you lemons, make lemonade. There are plenty of problems in our everyday lives that we can’t run away from, so how do we solve them? Sometimes it just takes a little creativity to develop the most useful life hacks to fix your problems. Spill something on your shirt? Make it a fun new design. Can’t cut an onion without crying? Use a pair of swimming goggles. Remember, there is a solution to almost any problem and it doesn’t involve spending hundreds of dollars on new and fancy equipment. Read on so we can tell you about all the incredible secrets and tricks that you’ll be dying to try.

1. When You Want To Have Natural Light All Day And All Night, Put In Fake Windows
This person was disappointed with the lighting in their basement, mainly because it didn’t have windows. Instead of avoiding the basement, they came up with a cool life hack for all windowless rooms. They got the windows for $10 each and frosted them.


They installed the windows into the wall with LED lights, and now they have natural lighting all day long. It could be the middle of the night, but in their basement it looks like a sunny day at noon.

2. The Birds Kept Eating The Strawberries, So She Made Decoy Berries Out Of Rocks
Birds love to mess up gardens because they enjoy the fruits that you grow, but do not care about the labor you put into gardening. This woman was sick and tired of the birds taking all her strawberries, so she painted rocks to look like berries to confuse the crows.

One thing birds hate is pecking on hard objects, so they did not enjoy these rock strawberries. Everybody laughed at her for doing this, but now she has a garden full of berries and not a single crow. Take that, birds!

3. Dealing With Unhelpful Customer Support When You Want To Cancel Service
Companies hate when you try to cancel your services, and they will do anything to keep you as a customer. This person tried six times to cancel their Xfinity service, but they could not stop arguing with the customer service rep.

Finally, after a drawn-out conversation, they came up with the only logical excuse to cancel their services. Clearly, Xfinity cares if you are going to prison and won’t be around to use their services. You should try this next time you need to cancel a service.

4. If Your Dog Is A Messy Drinker, Turn Their Bowl Into A Garden
This person was sick of stepping in the water when she walked near her dog’s drinking bowl, so she found a creative solution. Instead of the spilled water going to waste, it could help plans grow.

When the dog drinks messily now, it helps the moss grow. The dog is keeping more plants alive than most millennials. Unless they have green thumbs, people are notorious for killing plants after a week or two.

5. He Got Bleach On His Black Shirt, So He Turned It Into Something Wearable
Whether you spill bleach on a black shirt or coffee on a white shirt, it is annoying because you feel like you have to throw it away. What if you get bleach on your favorite black tee? Not to worry, there is a simple solution to this problem.

Instead of getting rid of your favorite shirt, use bleach to create a design or a tie-dye effect. Your favorite shirt could turn into a whole new shirt like this man. He wasn’t going to give up his v-neck, so he made a burst out of bleach.

6. Using The Actual Hardware To Label Each Drawer
Sometimes people are just naturally innovative without trying like this person’s grandpa. Instead of wasting time opening up every drawer to find a specific piece of hardware, he can see which drawer has what item easily.

This is the kind of workshop organization no one knew they wanted but actually needed. Sometimes you have too many door hinges, nails, and faucets, so you need to organize appropriately.

7. Make A Puppy Pocket With Your Hoodie
When you need to carry your puppy around Target, but you also need your hands for shopping; that is where the puppy pocket comes in handy. This man twisted his hoodie around and place his puppy in the hood so that he could cuddle it while shopping.

Don’t you wish you had a puppy, so you cuddle them while you joyously walked through the aisles of Target, buying things you know you don’t need? That is a dream for so many of us, and we hope it comes true one day.

8. When You Want People To Stop Asking You For Money
Have your family members ever asked you for money, and it bothers you because they never pay you back? This person’s uncle found the solution to that. If you want people to leave you alone, just make them believe you have no money to give out; it’s as simple as that.

The only flaw in this plan is if he tells too many people the truth, then everyone will know he doesn’t need money. At least the uncle knows who to call when he is really in trouble. It is nice to see one family member helping another.

9. This Person Lost Her Key So Someone Made Sure She Would Find It
When you are running, you probably don’t want to carry too much stuff with you because it takes away from the exercise experience. There is also the trouble of something possibly falling out of your pockets like a key. A girl lost her key while jogging, and she was worried because she couldn’t get into her car without it.

Another nice jogger found the key and instead of moving it, they put a circle of sticks around it so the person would quickly spot it as they retraced their steps. It is a small gesture that takes no effort to help another person.

10. When You Have Problems Telling The Difference Between The Right And Left Earbud
Have you ever quickly pulled out your headphones and realized they were in the wrong ear? Most earbuds have a small letter to label the different sides, but they are hard to see, and people don’t always check them. This person came up with a simple way to distinguish the sides easily.

They found an extra rubber cover in their house that was a different color and place it on one ear. Now when they pull out their headphones, they will know which color goes in which ear. It’s simple but helpful when you are in a rush.

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