Sometimes it seems that you’ve seen so much in this life that nothing will be able to surprise you ever again. And then you accidentally overheard someone …





  1. if a 4 year old sleeps 8 hours (pretty sure they sleep for more than that) that means they ask approximately 25 questions an hour, almost 1 every two minutes, constantly all day, that cant be right.

  2. the richest man alive whas mansa musa. he whas the king of mali and his net worth whas 400 bilion dollars. but it whas almost 1000 years ago so not everybody knows about him. Jhon D Rockefeller whas the richest American, with 380 bilion dollars.

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  4. Umm the most weird thing in this video that why a dentist invented cotton candy there is literally the word candy in it

  5. Chinese is spoken by more people because the population of Chinese people is greater than the population of the English speakers. It still counts. I’m Chinese

  6. On the Facebook deal how many repeat users are there because I know there’s several people out there that I know that have 5 to 6 accounts

  7. Thanks for helping me study for my big test! Just kidding I don’t have any test but this is like studying for a test! I learn more with you than 1 whole day at school


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