7 Main Tips for New Drivers from Professionals

If you have ever struggled with parking or are not sure that everything in your car is set up correctly, this video is exactly what you need. You will be amazed at …




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  2. I accept what a couple of others have written – definately more difficult than some people make out to overcome fear of driving.

    Be cautious and seek advice from experts. I searched many websites and found some great advice by searching google on sites such as Roys Quick Fix. Good luck and hope you succeed!

  3. You Americans canโ€™t parallel park your automatic Prius in a wide street in a spot 1 1/2 times bigger than the car? Try parking manual in the narrowest incline street you can imagine.

  4. 7:04 yes ideally… 1.5 times the space… but in the real world, most spots are so tight and also because of people that park in urban areas that are inconsiderate and leave excess corner space and or don't park up to a yellow line in the corner etc.
    Most spots I park in are really tight. LOL
    Which brings me to a suggestion… maybe a video on how to be a considerate parker, or add it to the commentary on a future pertinent video lol.

  5. First thing to drive is you have to prepared that you can do it, dont be afraid feel it and done. Or you can said believe in your self.

  6. I have a problem about pressing the brake. Too much brake. I can't control it. How can you control braking in the car.


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