Can you change your eye color? No matter whether you have brown or blue eyes, you’ve probably been wondering how you’d look with green eyes, …




  1. I really want to have brown eyes couse people with darker eyes are the smarter onesi habe mixed blue orange and green..

  2. my neighbor: dark brown eyes and dark hair
    her husband: dark brown eyes and dark hair
    both of their families: also the same
    her kids: blue eyes and blonde hair
    and guess what i thought she is a bland cuz i never saw her real eye color or her real hair color because she always wears blue lenses and always dye her hair.
    so maybe it's possible to change your kids eye color…

  3. I have hazel eyes and all it does is scare girls away, they think I'm a player so it doesnt really help with females

    How to change eye color to brown would be appreciated my guy

  4. The pupil of your eyes get bigger if you see a favourite thing of yours and gets small if u see something u don’t like

  5. Why not things that change your hair color bc my hair color was sandy blonde when I was three and now I’m nine with no dyes and brown hair and only gets darker every year and in the summer I get streaks of blonde.

  6. Him: if you are born with brown eyes, it will not change.
    Me: leaves the video
    Also me:


  7. I had blue/grey eye for sometime, but as I got older they got darker, I how have light hazel colored eyes

  8. I'm 100% Japanese, both my parents have lighter brown eyes. I think i used to have light brown eyes, but i now have hazel eyes. I assume it changed colors for some reason around 6th grade, since thats when my friends suddenly started commenting on my eye color looking "weird" lol

  9. "babies born with brown eyes will experience no change"

    Lol you though i was born with grey eyes

    They became brown overtime qvq

  10. I don't really know what eye color i have..i know it sound's weird but
    My mom has light green eyes and my dad brown,and mine and mine's brother's eye's color is Dark green mixed with blue plus around our pupill there is an ,,honey drop''
    honey drop means and little light brown circle around your pupill.

  11. i really don't like my eye colour mainly because its very far from my favourte colour(s) because my complete favourte color is purple and my eye colour is hazel so I really want purple eyes specificly dark purple eyes tbh

  12. "eye colour can be changed by injery"

    me: cuts own eye with a knife yes now my eye colour will change yaay:)

  13. I’m so bored that I’m trying to make a twin sister and order through the internet expecting her to come in the mail so we can take over the world. Tha k you


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