Do dreams actually have meanings? Or are they just short movies that your subconsciousness randomly creates? Dreams have always fascinated people.




  1. My wierdest dream was i have a wing an fly one another dream was i have superpowers which is Telekenisis and saving the lives of people in my country

  2. MY craziest dream is when I was flying then I met satan and then saved my friends from pooping then become friends with satan

  3. Have anyone dreamed that they where in a driving car alone so they decided to drive and their dad/mom is wait for them at the end when they where 3 years old?

  4. Well it was with my friend this was last night makayla and her mom was takeing care of someone and then my friend maykyla was like DONT TOUCH THAT and her mom like TRISTAN NOW HOW ARE ARE SUPPOSED TO TAKE CARE OF HER
    And then i made her taken care of girl cry
    And mom said NOW U MADE HER CRy

  5. I wonder why anytime that I try to post a comment relating to the pinned one it never gets sent no matter how many times I try to send it with every attempt at sending it telling me that the comment failed to post

  6. I don't know if it's crazy but I keep dreaming about my dream girl I matter when I was a kid and I'm a grown man why do I keep dreaming of this dream girl

  7. The craziest dream I've ever had I don't remember fully but I know it's the part that scared me the most is that I ran out from under these stairs and got shot by somebody in the back

  8. Have you all ever woken up from the best dream, and then fall back asleep and it continues?

  9. Today I had a dream my that there were Hawks and owls then beacame and my father hit his leg and my brother and took me home but he went too fast and I lost my way home .

  10. One time in my dream I was falling from the sky. It took very long. On the end I crashed to stairs.

  11. About 2-3 years ago I used to get the same dream so many times I used to watch a fan which gets faster and faster

  12. Has anyone dreamt of solving some problems which you could not solve in your conscious life or seeing tommorow,s day in your dream

  13. As kid I use to dream I was flying and after couple month of this dream I moved to Canada from Pakistan

  14. Also it’s weird how you like, remember you had multiple different dreams without waking up, but you never really remember how it just…went to the next dream

  15. Sometimes, a dream can tell you a message through a metaphor, like “dOnT fOrGeT tO sUbScRiBe To BrIgHt SiDe”


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