9-Minute Home Workout to Get Perfect Lower ABS


The most common goals when it comes to belly exercising are losing the inches and having the visible abs. The rectus abdominis muscle is responsible for …

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  1. Kalokohan,bisita kau sa channel ko para malaman nyo ang pinakaimportAnti kung gusto mo lalabas yang abs nyo.😃

  2. The comparisons you are showing in the front pic are not of the same person. Even I think their genders are not same

  3. Is it just because of the quarantine or youtube is giving signs i don’t have muscle, i mean. No need to point it out

  4. Is it normal to pretty much never exercise and not struggle at all on #4?

    I just wanna know, because I heard that if you want a six pack, you have to eat meat. I'm vegetarian and I also want to stay away from protein powder (I just don't like the taste).

    I MIGHT HAVE MONSTER STRENGTH…but still no six pack 😢

  5. What to do if we are not able to keep the back pressed to floor? Should we stop till the limit or place a towel under the back, what should we do?

  6. Hey there guys! Which of the names of these exercises do you find the funniest? "Dead bug", maybe?