A Lot Of People Keep The Crassula Ovata At Home But Don’t Know What It Is For.

The effect of plants on both our mental health and our body health is’nt necessarily discussed. But of course these plants should be used carefully and consciously. However, did you know that it supports our financial fortunes? In this article, we will talk about a few plants that many of us see constantly but don’t know what they are useful for. Come in that way, let’s move on to our article.

Crassula Ovata

Don’t miss the Crassula Flower, also known as the Money Tree or Fertility Plant, from your home especially those who have debts… Especially in Asia, they believe that this plant brings abundance, fortune, luck and money. In addition, putting coins in the soil of the plant brings money and abundance to the household owner. The leaves of this tree, which gets thicker with age, have a pulpy, shiny and smooth structure. The newly emerged branches also have the same texture, but then turn brown and take on a woody structure. At the same time, it attracts the electromagnetic field in the environment and thus protects us from harmful magnetic fields.

Plant the Crassula flower, which does not need much care, in a large pot, so it grows faster. Water this flower, which loves the sun, but does’nt like much water, 1 Week in winter and 2 times a week in summer. Look at its soil, give it water as soon as it’s dry. It will be enough to moisten it, not to be mud. Crassula always wants to look north. Apart from bringing luck and abundance, Crassula also contains energy oils that bring balance to the human soul and body.


Orchid brings good luck in love, emits positive energy into the house, regulates the energy flow in our home. Having orchids in the bedroom helps to sleep well, as orchids release oxygen at night.


Being a succulent genus, Aloe brings good luck and radiates positive energy. The gel on the leaves has a wound healing effect, in addition, it is used as an ingredient in many drugs, including aspirin, in the medicament sector. Since it is a plant that holds water in its leaves, it cannot tolerate 5 degrees below, the water in its leaves may freeze. Therefore, in winters, it is ideal to be placed at home in a place without direct sunlight. If it is watered excessively, the roots will rot, irrigation should be done very little in 20-25 days. In Africa, aloe leaves are hung on doorways to bring luck and drive away evil. It is believed that having aloe in the kitchen will protect the house from fire, burning and accidents.

Lucky Bamboo

It is a symbol of abundance and fertility. You can keep it in water in a glass vase. It does’nt like direct sun, it is enough to keep daylight in one place. It would be good to change the water every 15 days, then wash the vase and cut off the growing roots a little. It is believed to affect life energy, physical activity and vitality.


You can easily grow Rosemary in your home. With its pleasant scent, it cleanses the house from toxins, cleans the bad air, thus increases physiological and mental energy and provides inner peace. Keep the rosemary plant in a bright place, water it once or twice a week before the soil gets too dry.


It is one of the plants that cleans the air in its place. It loves light shade. Once or twice a week, the soil should be watered before it gets too dry. If kept in the bedroom, it provides a quiet sleep. Increases spiritual and physical good energy.


Jasmine plant increases positive energy and helps strengthen relationships. It reduces stress with its beautiful scent. You can also grow dwarf varieties of the jasmine plant, which is normally an outdoor plant, in your home. In Asia, it is believed that keeping this plant in your home will provide abundance, beauty, long life, well being, strength. For this reason, they keep it at the entrance to the house. It is also an ideal plant for the bedroom as it removes toxins.It is a plant that is easy to maintain and difficult to kill. It does’ntt like excessive water, a little watering should be done every 3 weeks. It is resistant to situations such as low light. It would be good to dust your leaves. It is also a suitable plant for the bedroom, as it releases oxygen at night.

Curly mint

In addition to carrying many medicinal benefits, peppermint also protects against bad luck and envy. It is also good for your well being, and some people believe it affects economic well being.


Eucalyptus provides abundance and peace. This plant has the ability to fight and repel the bad vibrations that come with jealous and malevolent people in general. Therefore, it is recommended to be kept in workplaces and offices. It is also perfect for ideal sleep and liberates areas that carry pressurized energy.


Chrysanthemum is known for its beauty and peace of mind. It supports happiness and feeling good.

Mountain Thyme

Thyme is used to repel negative vibrations in the air. It fights negative energy and contributes to the development of self confidence.


Cactus create a special decorative effect for homes and offices. This plant demands attention. They drive away jealousy, intruders, bad people and hypocrites, and with it absorb bad electromagnetic energies from household appliances.

Rubber Plant

Rubber plants, which come in several different types, not only help to clean the air, also contribute to your decoration as a very gorgeous living room plant. It is also very easy to keep rubber trees, which can reach incredible lengths in gardens, under control indoors. The rubber plant, which is very effective in removing many chemical toxins from the air, especially formaldehyde, also helps to cool dry and hot living areas by creating an organic moisture in the air. However, let’s not forget that the leaves of this plant can be harmful to small children and pets.





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