Have you ever wondered where our habits and vices come from? An Aries can be pretty impatient, moody, and impulsive, Geminis are affectionate, adaptable, …




  1. Ohhh I am GEMINIII and I am have been kinda caught rn but who cares lol I need to know more about me so ya

  2. Me: gemini ♊
    Addicted ti social media totallly! TRUE😘😘😘😘😘😘
    I m always in a search of everything new about worldwide social knowledge especially about fashion , technology,celebrities of holly,bolly,lolly and kpop

  3. True… My Taurus friend.. Likes food like no ones business…. When she is hungry she gets angry😂

  4. My zodiac is….. PISCES ♓️! And the naps you told us about sometimes i like it but I mostly don’t because I am always energetic!

  5. I’m an Aries, not confident, and don’t like coffee or adrenaline rushes
    much wow

    Am I even an Aries?

  6. I is the air won but I’m artistic too and I luv dragons cats zodiac signs and magic so when your near me prepare to be asked of your zodiac signs and fav pet ;3

  7. Ok……..they are talking about stereo types….dont listen unless its true..im not hatinf having my opinion

  8. 1.Aries ♈
    2.Taurus ♉
    3.Gemini ♊
    4.Cancer ♋
    5.Leo ♌
    6.Virgo ♍
    7.Libra ♎
    8.Scorpio ♏
    9.Sagittarius ♐
    10.Capricorn ♑
    11.Aquarius ♒ (me)
    12.Pisces ♓
    I am not coping @Marley Spain i just thought of this than i looked at his/her comment okay me no copying

  9. I am a libra and I can say that it's not accurate also saw other people talk about my sign and they cam closer


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