April has been a disappointment in many ways, including the weather.

We have had the odd snowstorm and crazy high winds. The daily average temperature should be 7.1C but it has been 4.9C.

“It’s cold and below normal. We are about two degrees off,” said Gerald Cheng, a meteorologist with Environment Canada.

The average temperature in 2019 was 6.4C and in 2018 it was even worse with the average at 3.4C.

“It’s not likely to get much better soon,” Cheng said. “But we still have the month of May to hope for a good spring.”

Summer is a bit far off to predict, but the data suggests there should be above normal temperatures.

Look forward to Saturday, which should be sunny and a high of 12C.

It’s expected to rain on Sunday with a high of 8C. And Monday looks like a mix of sun and cloud with a high of 11C.

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