Have you ever wondered how smart you are for your age? Here’s your great chance to find this out! You will need to answer 15 questions, and you will get 5 …




  1. what do you do if your school haven't taught you proper geography and history yet?
    im still smart even tho UwU

  2. Wait what..,I thought I was smart…😭😭don’t ask yes I only got one right!😂and that was the 2 question🤣I got it right cause I read about the specs ones and yes that is all😂😂😂so I am not smart😎BUt tHat because ThE bOYs iN mY cLasS iS hITiNG Me In tHE FAce So im not smart cause when “you” hit your head you lose brain things idk what it’s called but that thing that make you smart you lose one😂😂😂

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