1. The world needs more of Kim because he is one of the many that will destroy colonial power in the world. May Allah give him a longer age to fight world imperialism. I believe nothing till I see official statements.

  2. Why do we even care about North Korea? It's on the other side of the planet and I can't do anything about it. North Korea gets used all the time to make usninnthe west pay more taxes for weapons and big nasty aircraft and rocket carrier. Instead we should use the money to improve our lives!

  3. I see no reason to believe he's dead…. All we know is he had a botched heart surgery. That's it. The media is sensationalizing the shit out of it. And maybe the dude's just recovering which is why he didnt attend the event. Or perhaps he'd rather not catch COVID-19 after having a heart procedure.

  4. I can't wait for Trump supporters to start to speculate that Kim Jong Un's death was part of a Trump genius secret strategy or plan to bring democracy to North Korea. Although. 🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔

  5. There better not be a phony nuclear war that ends up happening. Like, if Kim Jong Un is dead. The U.S. better not try and pull a false flag operation by detonating our nukes on our own people, blame it on NK and the leadership, by saying that they launched them, because of Kim's death / power struggle / U.S. World affairs. So the American public swallows the propaganda.

  6. Sometimes when ur trying to save someone through Advanced cardiac life support measures, you can get a pulse back, but the heart is basically crapped out from low 02 and its just being temporarily fueled by drugs.


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