1. Not one of the biggest problems the world is facing right now.
    Actually it's quite insignificant in comparison to what is happening.
    Kind of like sports being canceled
    Not a big deal right now.

  2. This has to stop. We can't continue like this. People are going crazy. How many NS has to happen before its too late. Test EVERYONE and bring back life. Its outrageous. Stop testing only people who may be sick. Any more of this and you will have an uprising like never before see in the history of the planet.

  3. F the stampede. I am with all of those protesters who stood outside the gates each year and asked you to think about the animals that are being exploited so that you could have your fun. I'm sure bulls love being forced to buck riders off of them, baby cows love to be lassoed and tied up, horses love to be whipped as they're forced to race…all for the amusement of humans. Animals are not ours to exploit! F the stampede. Let's hope it goes belly up, and all you animal abusers or accessory animals abusers find something a little less cruel to occupy your time with.


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