1. and next week came and it was 163 dead. its starting to look like they are milking this control over the public as long as they can and do as much damage as they can. i do bot trust them and i think others are starting to catch drift of the scam this whole hysterical response was. something rotten is going on. this whole reaction does not make any sense.

  2. This social engineering programming has made attention seeking triggered morons with no ability for autodidact. This pm is pushing for mandatory vaccinations claiming Canadian’s have no inalienable rights that is not for the people.

  3. The Public Heath Agency of Canada (was established in Sept 2004) receives $675 million per year of taxpayers money, was created to Prepare Canada for any Pandemics in the future, was caught FLAT FOOTED with the Corona virus pandemic. They were suppose to make sure Canada had enough Medical Supplies to fight the next pandemic and they FAILED, “INCOMPETENCE”. Even though they had the 2006 Canadian Pandemic & Influenza Report and were well aware what was going to happen. They did NOTHING but talked about political correctness. Now people are dying because of their stupidity, incompetence and political correctness and should be held ACCOUNTABLE. The Emergency Physicians have being complaining about medical supply shortages, insufficient quantities, rationing and uncertain reliability of supplies. The Report was also written by Dr. Teresa Tam which says: The next pandemic will first emerge outside of Canada and spread by Air travel. They had ALL the information, they were aware what a pandemic will do, yet they DID NOTHING for so long until the pandemic created CHAOS / PANIC and DEAD. DOING NOTHING has created a recession, destroying the Canadian economy, millions of people LAID OFF, millions of Businesses SHUTDOWN and this financial crisis will cause millions of Personal and Business bankruptcies not to mention the over $200 billion and counting of government debt. JIHAD JUSTIN and the Liberals has destroyed the Canadian economy in 4 months because of their stupidity, incompetence and political correctness and should be held ACCOUNTABLE. They were listening to the questionable (corrupt ?) WHO, that are also run by incompetence pro Chinese supporters and tried to protect China, hiding the pandemic information. Maybe Canadians should be suing Jihad Justin and the Islamic Liberals for their stupidity, incompetence and political correctness for the damage they have created? This is what happens when the Globalist Left-wing Liberals allows questionable, corrupt organizations like WHO, UN and EU to run your country instead of running it yourself with the peoples consent. Globalist are destroying your country.

  4. Sure death toll will rise to that level when the doctors record every death as a covid 19 death.
    I have had 3 people thus far have the suspected corona “covid 19” virus. 1 of my family members young and in good health was sick for about 2 weeks, cough, basically it was a pneumonia. Doctors found a spot on his lungs and right away called it covid 19. He survived and so did the people around him. No one else in his house got it.

    The other two were both in their 80’s, one had Parkinson’s and the other Alzheimer’s. Both in the same retirement home on different floors.

    The first person passed away last week, doctors rushed to call his death covid19 and didn’t let anyone near his body. He was also suffering of Alzheimer’s and other health complications, but they said it was covid19 cause of death.

    The second woman, was suffering from Parkinson’s and many other health problems. The doctors assured her other family members that there was no covid 19 on her floor and that everyone was fine. One week after the man I mentioned above passed away, she died of “covid19” they did phoney tests, they were very unclear to her brother about what caused her death and just labeled it covid19. Yeah well what about the other health issues she had? It’s bs!

    I feel like the doctor’s and nurses, although they are only doing what they are told. They are not being fully open about what is going on and if these covid tests are really accurate. In my opinion I feel every death that is occurring is being called covid 19 in order for the government to reach their numbers quota, so that they can continue to spread fear through the media and further destroy our economy and livelihoods. People my close family member had “covid19” at least that’s what they said and it was actually a pneumonia. He is fine. People die of the flu and of pneumonia etc.. in the thousands every year. Wake up!

    These are three real cases that are close to me and I have to say, it’s a lot of bs going on. The governments and media outlets are fear mongers. We need to wake up and stand up for our rights cause this is unacceptable.! We should not be locked up and let fear run our lives.

  5. Yes your forecast will work! if you can keep those mask of the faces of the public ! Your doing a good job so far, let’s try a new look at those ! We just found out from our doctors if you wear a mask, you are helping spread the Virus ! There ! that is your new angle ! I know it’s all about Love ❤️

  6. Dr. Tam is the one saying last month that the rare to have a Covid 19 case in Canada is low/rare. Also the medical equipment are sufficient in case the outbreak occurs. She also say the mask is not effective in combating virus. She also says” the system is working”. Canada does not have a system. Is this person is qualify to have the position she is occupying now? It’s time to choose a leader that “people health first before anything else. Their theory are also guess and “IF” Canada deserves a better health leaders

  7. I mean people are doing their best! But with nonessential companies still open, like some Wendy's, Jollibee's, still open, this wouldn't make sense! Also, airports are still open, some people are still coming here. With this number of infected people, we should start lockdown. We also lack tactics on how to tackle this issue. Why don't we learn from South Korea and other countries successfully battling against this pandemic?

  8. There is a simple blood test that other countries are using, that is made in Canada and could tell if your body has built a blood tests, can identify whether a person has been exposed to a particular pathogen, like the new coronavirus, by looking at their immune response. Why is our government not using it.

  9. With this self isolating and social distancing the past 3-4 weeks. How are numbers going up even more now when before we were forced to stay inside basically? I know it takes a couple weeks but wiith everyone hiding in doors for past month, shouldn't these numbers be going down drastically sooner than later? I remember when there was 80 cases a day then we all go hide in doors and month later its 500 cases a day or whatever it is now.

  10. Just for perspective the link below shows that between 2000 thru 2017 the average number of deaths in Canada for flu and pneumonia per year is approximately 6000/year. Or 500/ month or 1000/ month if you use a 6 month flu season, your choice.The 2017-18 flu season was significantly worse. The total number of deaths from Covid19 so far in Canada is below 700, thats over a period of how many months? One, two? I’m not trying to diminish the threat of this wicked virus but just trying to keep it in perspective.

  11. How many people in the year 2018,and 2018 died of heart attack,cancer,aids kidney failure,old age?
    Got a hunch they are counting them in this so called killer disease! The numbers are not true!
    Give me those numbers! I dont believe them, this is a globalist coo

  12. Geezus the fearmongering is insane… and these are supposed to be the so called "experts" ? if your goal is to create panic and fear among Canadians then this will do exactly that… we DON'T need that kind of crap in times like these… especially when you're being proven wrong time and time again, stop making these uneducated guesses about "how many casualties" we should expects… WE. DON'T KNOW. and you're no different.

  13. Hey Canada, how about we start taking out politicians who dare think they can enact martial law upon us. Its time to start putting bullets in politicians!! They hate you they want you to suffer immensely. They dont care about you they want you all dead!!!! Kill them before they kill you!!!


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