Try a not-for-Instagram dish at the Restaurant at Pearl Morissette.

“We do nothing to make our food photogenic,” says Daniel Hadida, chef of the Jordan Station, Ontario, destination named Canada’s Best New Restaurant in 2018. In dishes like cod and cabbage, flavour and simplicity trump esthetics and dim lighting deters diners from documenting every bite – after all, any given dish is unlikely to be served again.

Feast your eyes at three new photo-themed restaurants

A forest mural evokes the mood of early photographs at Verōnika (pictured), the grand café named after the patron saint of photography inside the New York outpost of Swedish museum Fotografiska. In Chicago, the signature drinks at Bokeh, a small-bites and cocktail spot owned by a former professional photographer, echo camera lingo, like the bourbon-honey Lens Flare. And at Toronto’s Man Ray wine bar, opening this spring, images focusing on food and the human body are inspired by surrealism, fitting given the establishment’s namesake.




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