In Canada, there are 22,148 thousand cases and 569 deaths to date due to coronovirus. The Canadian government supports its affected citizens with money. What are the application requirements for CERB? And how to apply? We will answer questions that Canadian citizens are curious about.

Who can apply to CERB?

  • You need to be a Canadian resident to apply to CERB. Canadian citizen You must have a residence permit or a work permit in Canada.
  • You must be over 15 years old.
  • You must have lost your job due to Covid-19 or you can no longer go to work because you take care of your child, elderly, and patient at home.
  • As a professional, you shouldn’t be able to do any work at the moment.

Where is the CERB application made?

You can apply from Canada Emergency Response Benefit.

In Canada, everything is based on declaration. Here, simple questions are asked to you upon declaration. Two of the criteria and questions here are important. Have you made at least 5000 thousand dollars in 2020 or 2019? You have to answer yes to this question. This income; you may have obtained unemployment insurance, pregnancy leave or other taxed income. There is no problem in this regard.

There is one more important thing. You shouldn’t be able to work in any way in the next 14 days. So you have to state that you wont do any work, you wont have any income.




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