A member of the military serving as one of Donald Trump’s valets has tested positive for coronavirus.

A White House spokesman said the president, and Vice President Mike Pence, have since been tested negative for COVID-19 and “remain in good health”.

It is the latest coronavirus scare for the president, and the first known instance where a person who has come in close proximity to him has tested positive since several people present at his private Florida club were diagnosed in early March.

The person tested positive on Wednesday, the White House said.

Meanwhile, officials are tightening protocols to protect the nation’s political leaders.

Mr Trump, 73, said some staffers who interact with him closely would now be tested daily.

He told reporters: “It’s a little bit strange but it’s one of those things.

“As I said, you know, I said yesterday, all people are warriors in this country. Right now we’re all warriors.”

Mr Pence added that both he and the president will now be tested for the virus daily.

Several valets cater to the president and his guests at the White House, including serving meals and providing drinks.





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