1. All reports from all provinces should change from the TOTAL CASES to ACTIVE CASES. The total was fine at the start, but now we need to have a more accurate up to date updates.

  2. Just watch.
    Very soon jailbirds will intentionally contract the virus in hopes of getting out of the Big House and into a hospital, from where, however sick, they will escape in stolen PPEs.
    Just watch.

  3. Any death, is one too many, thanks JT for not closing the borders earlier when the people of the nation repeatedly asked you to, oh ya you don't listen to anyone, thanks Dr. Tam for saying that the virus was not cummunional tranferred, you were wrong again, lost 4 of my loved friends to covid-19

  4. Close the borders of BC, do it next from Monday, anyone travelling to BC restricted for 14 days isolation, don’t wait for federal government, we have to save ourselves, do it! The reason is the numbers of COVID-19 is half of China’s numbers, it’s unacceptable! China has 1.4 billion people, Canada only have 38 millions people, Justin should allow provinces make this decision by themselves.

  5. Thank you drs. for all your effort of this kind of v.hopefully we can stop or find the cure so that the pres.trump not a doctor will not give or recommend the cleaner disinfectants to inject into human body.
    God bless us.

  6. Dear all, by staying at home, we saved more than 1,000 lives in BC that would have been dead by now. So please be proud of yourself. And let's continue doing it, together. If we quit now, what we have sacrificed in the past 45 days will all be gone in two weeks. Numbers will climb again, and we will never be able to walk out of it. Look at China and Korea, they have all walked out of the covid-19 and been back to work. The sweetness will come after bitterness.

  7. BC need more family doctors. Walk in clinics are restricting people from medications they need because the gov is trying to stop overdose of habit forming medications. Family doctors accepting new patients are almost impossible to find and many people I know who are stable on some medications are finding them selfs in danger with mental issues. In addition, we need more doctors who are fluent in English and hire more doctors from Canada.

  8. Alberta and Ontario have the same amount of cases, about 1 in 1,000. 4,233 in Alberta and 4,500,000 and 13,995 in Ontario and 14,700,000. Quebec is at 8,600,000 and 23,267. British Columbia is last and or 5,200,000 and 1,948 cases. Quebec highest in Canada at 1/370 have it. Also British Columbia is pushing 1 in 2,670. 7,000,000 Asians. Most live in BC and Alberta. How they manage that. Mistery. Oups back to reality oups there goes gravity: Anyways, Can somebody tell me the amount of critical and deaths for the 4 main provinces, Please.

  9. Sarah would be good house hut podcast. Get her to sing for a thing or two..shout out your premiums are in order madam😊..well done souls wise m they just follow me as I attend poor. Get a job kids Workin here. Easter is the way out..I do law crap bget inside for week milk it.. It happens..totally random yet..Canada is safer. DTES Earth says tents are ok to get under sicknwoth the methodman .allowed ask wall kppal and them sfu…good day today deep. You..stay healthy..bug on the ropes yet armed…nice away my best . On this planet ..yup

  10. We've been on lockdown for weeks, time to stop the fear mongering. Sweden has never locked down and they are not doing worse than anyone else in Europe. Several states with the same population as BC have never locked down and they are fine. Someone tell Dr Henry that the socialist pity party has to end.

  11. 1948 cases and 100 deaths. that's a 0.05% death rate in B.C. In Canada 45,354 cases and 2,465 deaths. That's a 0.05% death rate. Worldwide 2.87M cases with 202K deaths. That's a 0.07% death rate. Wake up people, this is the EXACT same mortality rate of the flu EVERY year. You have NO MORE chances of dying from COVID than you do of dying from the flu. THIS is the SCIENCE Dr. TAM. Any chump with a calculator and knowledge of grade-school math can figure this out. Numbers taken from google April 26.


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