1. Basically the infective side of the equation is 100X worse than it was May 15, and the number of potential victims has only declined by 7%. The problem is way worse now that in was a month ago, and if isolation was the right approach then, there is no rational reason for letting up now. I tend to think Isolation was not a practical approach, but if you think it was, the problem is by most measures much worse today. Numbers below:

    The growth of the virus in Ontario has been such that the number of reported cases grew 100 X in the first month, to roughly 10 000 cases. Details from serological testing have shown elsewhere that there can be as many as 100-1 cases that are hidden. So the total infections from the first month in Ontario might be 1 million.

    There are 14.5 million people in Ontario, and at least 13.5 million remain uninfected. In other words the people at risk have declined by only 7% while the sources available to infect those people have increased 100 fold

  2. To the people whining in the comments…. sample pop. antibody testing is indicating a sub 0.4% mortality ALREADY… overlap that with stats on obesity, preexisting conditions and old age. Only the old and frail need to be in lockdown.. with a vaccine atleast a year away, herd immunity is the GO TO strategy and will avoid a massive recession. Economic impact is also exponential!

  3. As when you catch cold and you can't breath through your nose due to blocked or runny nose and you take antihistamines to correct it,Here in this disease also same things happening but in lungs so it's dangerous but solution is the same means antihistamines like cetirizine,loratadin……immediately.

    Corona virus acts on an enzyme in lungs called ace,Angiotensin Converting Enzyme,This enzyme has 2 works both of them stopped by the virus,First is to make angiotensin2 vasoconstrictor and second is to destroy bradykinin histamine vasodilator.

    Abundance of bradykinin histamine in lungs due to virus activity will result in vasodilation,angioedema in lungs,dry cough,difficulty breathing and in severe cases may cause death so antihistamines are life saving.

    Stopping angiotensin2 production due to virus will result in low blood pressure,no aldosterone release and high potassium levels which causes heart and respiratory arrest so high amount of fluids should be used.

    Corona virus kills by lowering blood pressure,sodium,oxygen and increasing potassium levels .

    Special care for patients with high potassium levels,patients on anti hypertensive drugs and patients with heart,respiratory problems.

    So solution will be
    Antihistamines like cetirizine,loratadin…..immediately.
    Drinking high amount of fluids.
    Avoiding high potassium level foods.
    Bradykinin histamine blockers or brokers.
    Vasoconstrictors like epinephrine,norepinephrine.
    Monitoring blood potassium,sodium and ph levels.
    Corticosteroids especially mineral corticoids like prednisone,cortisone to retain sodium,water and excrete potassium and for anti inflammatory effects.
    Oxygen and b adrenergic agonists like salemeterol,formoterol.
    Antiviral and antibacterial drugs.
    Ace inhibitors antidote like naloxone.
    Vasopressors like vasopressin,dopamine,ephedrine.
    Anticholinergics like atropin,ipratropium,tiotropium.
    Ca iv Fluids,Angiotensin2.
    Rehydration with nacl fluids.
    Mast cell stabilizers like chromoline.
    High albumin containing solution to back fluids into vascular system.
    Diamox,acetazolamide to reduce bicarbonate and metabolic alkalosis and improve respiratory rate.
    Adjusting intracellular shift hypokalemia due to the treatment.
    Prevent hypoxic pulmonary vasoconstriction by vasopressin,milrinone,nitric oxide,endothelin receptor antagonist like bosentan,ambrisentan.Prostacycline analogue like iloprost,treprostinil , (pulmonary vasodilation) .
    Inotrope and sodium,potassium pump inhibitor like digoxin to make heart beats slower and more powerful.

  4. What do businesses do when they are allowed to open, too early according to many health specialists, and some of their staff doesn't wanna come back risking danger to themselves and their families

  5. Yea retail is gross and honestly if they reopen please keep fitting rooms closed I don’t wanna have to deal with people who bring like 30 people with them, we all know someone will try

  6. Its good and heart warming to know that the government seems to be competently and intelligently responding to the coronavirus crisis

  7. I know you can wear gloves and pump your own gas why can't you wear gloves and shake hands with other people visit your family wear a mask to prevent it from spreading it don't be a fool visit your loved ones before it's too late

  8. People driving around with rubber gloves LOL that's hilarious take them off before you enter your car you dummies. And if you are lucky enough to have sanitizer wear gloves and still used sanitizer reusable gloves for a month try not to terrorism or poke holes LOL don't drive your car with them on your car should be clean LOL

  9. All of this because the oil crashed, Saudi Arabia took control of the price and the medias started the Covid panic, how shameful, they also tried to use this to push the Liberal agenda more than ever!


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