1. One thing in common, all the worker in the plant didn't wear mask. They could avoid get infected or infecting other fellow workers by simply put on a mouth piece. Look how many jobs are lost because of this. Pure stupidity.

  2. Well it is time to get back to work. Our young workers and families need it. Dont worry about us older people. Save yourselves and your future. You do know your success in life is ours too. Ok. Get at it. We need to take care of ourselves.

  3. Has President Trump lost his mind to tell people to injest poisons like Chrorox and other such products. OMG! The man has lost it. The hospitals will be busier than ever before because of the boondoggle insanity that Trump came out with. If Trump cannot think before he talks then he should resign. The pressure must be too much for him to handle these days. There are times that I roar with laughter at what Trump comes out with but not this time the man has really lost it.

  4. Of course this is used to manufacture a food crisis, they've been pushing plant based propaganda funded by Bill Gates for the past few years. All of a sudden meat tax… Lol funny how the science is showing a meat based diet can cure all types of autoimmune disorders and mental illness… Now all of a sudden meat is taken away…

  5. Here come the Chinese bots, to convince the west that we need to keep hiding inside and ruin our economies, while the Chinese go back to work.
    Sneaky sneaky, China.

  6. Better these farmers plant 50% less potatoes with this ongoing attack on small businesses half the restaurants will never open again part of the plan of these in power to reduce the middle class and make the rich richer.

  7. Still can’t believe people are stupid enough to inject/consume disinfectants thinking it will prevent or cure covid. 🤦🏻‍♀️ But I guess you can’t catch a virus if you’re dead…so it’s sort of true 🙄

  8. How about you tell the truth about the meat packers in Alberta…they were migrant workers housed closely…not following any of the rules set by government…opps you missed that detail…I feel it's an important one! Cargill doesn't employ canadians! Hey want the real story…visit RebelNews!

  9. Firstly, people eating less french fries would negatively effect potato farmers, this is true. However, it's not like this is happening in some void, its not like people are eating NOTHING in the place of fries, people are just eating other crap. This isn't a sign of economic doom, just shifting markets, like usual. Basically, it might be bad for potato farmers, but their loss is likely a boon for another food industry.

    Secondly, your complaining about wasting food? REALLY? Don't we literally waist like 2.2 million tons of food every year in Canada from grocery store alone? Are you really going to complain now that it might go up another 10-15%? -_-;

    News: 'Because people will avidly watch literal paint dry on our networks in hopes they can feel even slightly safer as a result.'

  10. The Billions of people who have starved to death prematurely over the past thirty years, mostly colored persons; have a message for you over eating demons. What goes around today will come around tomorrow, language cannot express your inhumane uncompassionate lives; food mountains in a wanting world.


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