1. You would still think that everything would come to normality. Staying home, closures, damaging the economy, shortage of food, deflation, and panic will bring civil unrest, loss of more lives not related to virus, martial law, and devastation of the nation. Will printing money create goods for the population? The solution is to let the economy function, find a cure, protect only vulnerable segments of the population, and until then getting natural immunity. People with no symptoms and strong immunity can save the rest of the 13% who are in vulnerable sectors. Someone has to work. Use your brains, and stop listening to mass media propaganda. Will isolation, staying in the house, not going outdoors, anxiety, and fear make your immune system stronger? Enjoy your coronavirus vacation, idiocracy is our future!

  2. Even though I don’t like Doug Ford, I agree with him with this! People are just idiotic trying to spread the virus even faster by complianing and starting protests! Enough is enough these people don’t get the message and it’s time to do something

  3. It is the same as the Dumb dumb's who are having Neighbourhood PARTY'S in their backyards Because the WEATHER IS NICE. and hate to tell you more the half of the people are doing that and LANDSCAPING with Their Neighbours, People are not gonna listen, Esp. Boomers they get bored really fast.

  4. What is wrong with these ppl, are they the nimrod Americans coming here? Ppl are so dumb and the one lady yelling it's a hoax, are you kidding me? Say that to the families of everyone who lost their loved one…… pathetic. Good for Doug Ford speaking for us all…….

  5. The only crisis we're facing is the mental health crisis that's being created by the MSM and others pushing this agenda. Paranoia is a serious mental illness that seems to be spreading faster than the virus. Despite every effort to skew data to keep this narrative alive, the numbers simply do not support the actions being taken and the freedoms being lost, not to mention the damage to our economy and drastic spending by our gov't. At the end of the day, the data/facts/numbers/science shows no greater death rate than that of an average flu season. These Yahoos, the same ones who protested against Wynne and got Ford elected, are actually the smart ones who are awake to the facts and aren't surrendering to the manufactured fear.

  6. The lockdown will kill more people than the Corona (flu type) virus will, especially with underdeveloped and third world countries. I don't know anyone who has the virus, nor do I know anyone who knows anyone who has it. Everyone I know wants the lockdown to end. This false pandemic planned for worldwide change, power shifting, and financial decline needs to end.

  7. Why Didn't Doug criticize JUSTIN TRUDEAU who BROKE 5 LAWS in major fashion on Easter?
    Chickenshit picks on little people instead of thrashing the example our faithless PM set and Andrew Scheer set and Elizabeth May set in breaking the rules purposefully and in full flagrant arrogant mode?
    oh DOUGIE!
    What about Mayor Tory calling for a month long food festival?
    NOT RECKLESS? Dougie?
    Have YOU been breaking it too?

    Mayor Tory flew to England to gladhand infected people after he held his food festival wuhan style.
    So beat up a few no name simple people for the TV. Nice going Dougie.

  8. How about doing something useful and addressing these private security firms at condo's that are making their own fascist policies that violate tenant's & their guests rights & privilege's???
    How are they able to just restrict access to tenants violating our rights unarbitrarily? Is this bolshevik Russia in the late 1800's? Even police don't have the authority to stop & demand destinations or prevent access of visitors to private property.. Are our security firms being indoctrinated by IDF Protocols? Even 90% of buzzers are mysteriously broken in these condo's forcing guests/visitors through their security checkpoints conveniently called "Concierge" as though saying it in French makes it alright to turn Toronto similar to what was once Palestine. Are we supposed to raise 1 hand or 2? They don't even bother to put maintenance signs on the buzzers they have been broken for so long and shouldn't each of the units already been wired with buzzers? Why do people need a phone, shouldn't anybody in the apartment be able to allow an authorized guest into the building? Are these security firms confused by the terminology as to who authorizes guests, because it is the tenants, not them!!!
    OH and BTW it is these yahoo's putting themselves at risk who are likely going to be the ones who develop the antibodies needed for the rest of the population that is vulnerable to resume functioning and overcome the disease.. The first thing we should have done was isolate the vulnerable and empower the healthy, not just the wealthy… Your plan seems to be to stay in isolation until a cure is patented and profited from if we don't die of hunger or atrophy first…

  9. This plandemic is no worse than the 2018 flu season. Do your homework people, wake up sheeple! How about the millions who are going hungry from this, the increase in depression, alcoholism, suicide. People who won’t have a job to go back to, who won’t have a business to reopen. Wake up!

  10. Let people wear masks and gloves, and get back to work, and get back to some normalcy in their lives ! Even though I am a Conservative, I don,t agree with you Mr. Ford. This has gone on too long now! I don,t blame these people protesting! Enough is enough! Let,s follow Taiwan,s lead Less than 400 cases of infection and 6 people died. They all wore masks, goggles and gloves, and continued on as usual.

  11. Ford proves that there is no Canadian Trump. So proud to be a Canadian right now even if a few hooligans are out rabble rousing about how 5G causes covid. It seems so much worse in the US right now…

  12. Is this the strategy to turn us against each other? Keep us busy as fascism rises in the looming shadows of private security firms indoctrinated by the IDF?
    Ironic how you want to criticize the protester's and yet do nothing to condemn the airline industries for spreading the disease around the world within hours..
    Instead they are given taxpayer money so they can buy back their stocks that they foolishly gave away.. Don't blame everyone else for your own lack of response to this..
    China raised the alarms in December when it had a chance to be contained but the UN failed to act and even downplayed it only now to try and blame China through MSM.
    What happened to all those Air Miles they screwed everyone out of with expiration dates?? How about all the Air Miles Income Properties they have been buying up?

  13. A hospital bed costs $3000/day x14 days= $42K for a COVID case – more money in 2 weeks then all those protestors make in 2 weeks combined. Those protestors will bankrupt us with their stupidity!

  14. Did you all forget who was cutting
    all the programs , healthcare and
    such a few months ago. They said
    no money. Now they spend billions.
    Where did they get it? From China?
    HA HA,HA,HA, GOOD LUCK if you
    believe that lie. All you politicians
    are responsible for this. WE WILL

  15. well they will be able to go to Saskatchewan after may the 4th since this is an immune province as it seams the premier thinks we don't need vaccines first before he opens his dam province up.hope he is taking the responsibility of all the ones that run to other provinces maybe infected or do you have border stops in place 24/7

  16. Funny the people who are not working and are waiting for governments help are yahoos. the government and province have failed on so many levels and continue to do so. So the yahoos are jokes like this calling us yahoos. Easy to say when your wages and not been affected. Show you Care donate your wages like trump.

  17. Doug Ford should shut up. He is not the leader he was supposed to be. Real health doctors treating patients say this lockdown was unnecessary and that it had an agenda

  18. this is sad, now that the spring is here, inst it better if they get them out of those old isolated buildings(where the virus might be moving around easily) and use the vast spaces we have in Canada to host them for a while separately in open air away from cities with mobile medical staff ??

  19. Today it's those protesting against the economic destruction of Canada that are referred to as "yahoo's", perhaps tomorrow's government may remove your right to publicly disagree with their policies, then it will be you who are called the "yahoo's" or those who don't care about society. To protest is a fundamental right embedded in western law. If the law can be suspended due to some global "crisis" (real or imagined) or if it can be changed on a whim, then it can also be used to distort justice or manipulate and oppress the masses. Most of history's dictators suspended, edited, changed and created laws to justify their tyrannical oppression.

    Many refuse to be manipulated by the fear mongering of governments and their MSM lackeys. What's becoming obvious to those who choose to read instead of relying on the spoon-fed click-bait of the MSM, is that the global "scientific" dictatorship is hell-bent on ensuring that they remain the gatekeepers of "scientific" and "health" knowledge. What's true and correct is what THEY determine is true and correct! All opposition is to be crushed with ad hominem attack and straw-man arguments.

    Yet, with each passing day, more and more doctors, specialists, epidemiologists, and virologists are speaking out against the nature of this virus and the draconian measures being implemented to control it. Instead of using the scientific approach of discovery, the "gospel-truth" of COVID-19 is being determined by scientific consensus. As such, there's an attempt to silence all detractors, no matter how scientifically qualified, by labeling them as "irresponsible," "crazy," or not caring about the sick or elderly. None of which is the case. Open your eyes people, do your own research, don't believe anything unless it can be confirmed.

  20. How is protesting breaking the law? I voted for Ford, I won’t again…a conservative government is not a big government, the Hell with any government infringing on my rights…CV-19 was designed to control us. I wonder what they have on Ford?

  21. They should have never went into lockdown to begin with,that was the Yahoo move. Can't lock the world down for every virus we may encounter,what if there is another virus hits in six months or so then what.


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