Manitoba health officials announced during a COVID-19 update on Monday that as of May 1, nursing and support service staff who typically work at multiple care homes will…More




  1. If the covid19 cases are accurate why is the province of Manitoba
    (Conservative Party/con-artists) asking for hand outs? and meanwhile majority of that money will go into Brian's, Lannette's and Dr. Roussin pockets, shameful😠🤨. Last week you all been caught in a lie, you reported no new cases and the next day a new case, within the last 5 days 8 or more new cases were reported.

  2. Help!,

       My Landlord is dooming me out. He was caught in lyes and found out by officers over weekend. He has been plotting on me using trapt access ceilings and roof. I live on 3r. He lives on 3f. Roof apartments. Since I moved in I noticed things and serious things happened. He was discovered over the weekend to be caught in lyes about him not using the roof and my ceiling. The police caught them and roof in hallway collapse. They have a history of plotting on every Tenants in same way. All ceilings have trap access. The building is under serious investigation with l&I,board of health,Cia,FBI. Alot of rape and suicide.The Presbyterian Hospital has been veiwing people camping out in the roofs and Board of trustees wanted to help me move calls them the trouble makers. Now with the Coronavirus pandemic I feel threatened by them at least using the ceiling and roof as a boarding home. Can you help me with my tenant rights and find another apartment. Please help me God Bless.

    Background check Lin and Chen LLC

    Investigate 3802 Lancaster Ave

    Investigate all apartments 1r,2f,2r,3fr

    For trickery, l&I, Fire, board of health

    How is the allowed in front of Presbyterian Hospital Emergency room and launch pad and Coronavirus quarantine.

    Please let me be the expertise and product of services of the 18th district.

    Please help find another apartment so I can get the rest I need and continue on my success of physical therapy and recovery from my accidents and surgeries. That's why I moved here because it was close to my appointments. I am disabled.

     Please help me 🙏

    God Bless

    Bryan Halligan 267-888-1098

  3. Population Density is the key to modeling a plan. Whoever is doing the models should take cues from other less dense Canadian provinces and let the people of Manitoba know what to expect in the near future. Relatively soon is not an answer in my opinion.


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